Sandy Cheeks Springsuit 2mm

The Sandy Cheeks 2mm springsuit is a confidence game changer! This stunning suit will take you from dancing on waves to exploring the magical depths of the ocean. It was born for the wanderlust ocean adventure! 

This suit was designed to give you that extra bit of warmth through your body, so you can play out in the ocean to your heart's content. The limestone based neoprene's distinctive high micro cell structure allows this suit to retain heat more efficiently for a longer period of time, and reduces water absorption making the suit always light and feeling like a second skin. The neoprene's high flex advantages, along with the Gemma Lee cut means a superior flexibility and stretch, giving incredible movement while swimming, diving or surfing. Style it with our matching bikini sets, and you’ll have a surf kit bursting with self confidence! 


Style notes:

  • Flat locked seams
  • Front Zip for easy entry
  • 2mm Limestone based neoprene


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$299.00 NZD