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  • Customer love...

    “I love mine! I usually hate wearing wetsuits because they’re so restrictive and inflexible, but this one is like a second skin…” -Jen B

  • Customer love...

    “I love my suit more than words can say. It actually fits my feminine form whilst not sacrificing on maneuverability in the surf…” -Kelly S

  • Customer love...

    “I love your suits and I love the love you have towards the community. I am a ‘learning to surf’...60 years young. I could not understand what wetsuits were all black. Even though I am a beginner, I am not afraid to stand out in my Gemma Lee suit…” -Christine M

  • Customer love...

    “Quite possibly the coolest wetsuit on earth, I’m a proud owner of both the full length and springsuit. Unbelievable quality, fit, and design. One very happy mermaid.” -Kali G

  • Customer love...

    “I fell in love with my full length Gemma Lee wetsuit the day it arrived. I couldn’t believe my eyes at how gorgeous it looked, and how even more gorgeous it felt on! - Hayley F


People and the planet are at the heart of everything we do at Gemma Lee. We are committed to creating beautiful women’s wetsuits, bikinis & swimsuits for women of the ocean, that are ethically made and have the earth in mind. In every decision made, we are conscious of its environmental impact and we make each decision with respect and love for our playground. Read more about our wetsuit & swimwear materials here...

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We are a beautiful like-minded community of ocean-loving women who bond over our salty stories, our sun streaked hair and ocean perfume.

The ocean is our playground. It draws us in with a feeling like no other. With our Gemma Lee wetsuits & swimwear in tow, we travel the oceans of the world experiencing all it has to offer. We live for the adventure. We seek the secrets of the ocean.

It warms our hearts to have you a part of our community.  If you ever see us in your neighbourhood, give us a friendly wave or even ask us out for a salty adventure. We are always down for some time out in our ocean with our salt sisters.


Much love, Gemma Lee xo

womens wetsuit jacket and shorts

Wetsuit Bottoms

We have the perfect wetsuit bottom for all your ocean adventures! From wetsuit booty shorts to leggings, we have got you covered from that wind chill on those sea-breezy surf days


Wetsuit Jackets

Wetsuit jackets are one of the most underrated items in your wetsuit line up! Jackets are perfect for just that little bit of extra cover up to keep you out dancing waves till the sun goes down

womens wetsuit springsuit

Wetsuit Springsuits

Our 2mm springsuits are a confidence game changer! These wetsuits are designed to give you that extra bit of warmth through your body, so you can play out in the ocean to your heart's content.
It was born for the wanderlust ocean adventure! 


Join our passionate community of ocean loving-women

We're a passionate community of ocean-loving women who bond over our salty stories, our sun streaked hair and ocean perfume... and shhh we’ll let you in on some Gemma Lee sneak peaks and behind the scenes too…

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