Being a part of something bigger 🌺

Being a part of something bigger 🌺

Hello Fellow Gurfer’s!

One of our favourite parts of Gemma Lee is meeting other fellow ocean frothers! Whether that is through our local gurfer groups, or while we’re out in the ocean sharing our love of surfing. 

It is so special being a part of a group of strong women surfers, especially in a sport where lineups can be so male dominated. But, you know we’re all about changing that!  Through our local gurfer group we’ve been able to connect with the most epic ladies! We’ve shared some laughs, gone on surf roadies, learnt off one another and just had an absolute blast! 


We wanted to find a way that no matter where you are located in NZ, that you can be a part of your local community and share that same stoke! We’ve done our best to collate a list of gurfer groups from around NZ, just click through to the links, and join the groups, and be prepared to meet the most awesome ladies!! 

We know we may have missed a few groups, so if we have, please send us a message so we can add to it! And if you’re not in NZ, we’d also love to do the same for your country or local area, but we may just need a little more help with that (seeing as we don’t live there), but get in touch with us and we’d love to work with you to create that list for your fellow gurfers. xx


North Island:

Northland: Gurfers in Northland 

Mangawhai- Surf sistas Mangawhai Murfers (For surfing Mums)

Auckland: Ulitmate Surfing Betty’s & Salty Sisters

Bay of Plenty- Surf Ladies

Mount Maunganui- Surfing Mums & Mount Salt Sister

Gisborne- Wahini on waves

Hawkes Bay- Sea Sisters

Taranaki- Gurfers in Taranaki

Manawatū- Gurfers in Manawatū

Wellington- Gurfers in Wellington



South Island: 


Canterbury-  Seabirds

Christchurch- Southern Wahine

Aotearoa Women's Surf Association.

Southland- Southland Wahine Surfers