Gemma Lee- The face behind our brand

Hey Beautiful! 


I’m Gemma- The face behind Gemma Lee. I’m just a Kiwi girl in her mid-twenties with a big zest for life. 


The ocean is home to me. I love finding any reason to spend my day salty, whether that’s catching some silky waves, grabbing a SUP to explore islands or just splashing about body-surfing like an absolute kid!


I am an adventurous soul, and love finding hidden gems off the beaten track. Whether that’s by foot or 4WD. Anything in God’s wondrous creation refreshes my soul.


I love a good smoothie bowl, and beside from some wholesome ingredients, I truly believe the recipe to a good smoothie bowl is a gorgeous colour popping bowl- I am sure it makes it taste even more delicious, right? 


I am an absolute creative at heart, so much so you’ll often find me making up words or phases that ‘apparently’ aren’t even a thing. Such as ‘steamer of a day’ - which means a very sunny hot day, it’s steaming! I love to find a reason to have a light-hearted giggle in anything & everything. 


It warms my heart to have you a part of our community.  If you ever see me in your neighbourhood, give me a friendly wave or even ask me out for a salty adventure. I am always down for some time out in our ocean with my salt sisters.


Much love, Gemma Lee xo