Coral Lips Bikini Bottom

$35.00 USD

Sippin on sunshine, dancing on waves? We have the perfect bikini bottom for all your ocean adventures! With just the right amount of cheek, Coral Lips bikini bottom hugs you in all the right places, giving you that complete confidence when dancing through the waves. Even better, adjust it to your personal taste- want a bit more cheek? Pull the bikini bottom up at the hip lines. Or want a bit more coverage? Just lower the waistband at the hips. The fit of these bikini bottoms is a dream! Style it with the matching Coral Lips Bikini Top, or mix and match. For the ultimate dreamy look complete it with a matching Sandy Cheeks wetsuit and you’ll have the surf kit that everyone will be obsessing over! 

Style notes:

  • Fully lined
  • Swimwear made in New Zealand
  • Fabric made sustainably using 100% recycled fabric from abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer products