Women in Waves- Tips & Tricks: Hair Care

Women in Waves- Tips & Tricks: Hair Care

We all know what it's like trying to keep our luscious locks healthy, especially after long days under the intense sunshine and salty goodness. So we had a chat to hair expert Orla from Salty Susan to get her hair care tips for all of us salt water babies! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself… 

Ah hello friends, my name is Orla and I’m the small human behind Salty Susan. I’m a graphic designer by trade, turned yoga teacher, turned small business owner. I love nature, the ocean, the couch, food, art, music and so much more but I’d bore you with the list.


What inspired you to start Salty Susan?

I used to have the worlds crispiest hair, no joke! It was bleached, sun damaged and just plain yuck. So one day I decided, I need something for after being in the surf, something that isn’t full of chemicals and isn’t harmful to my body, but works. I played around with oils and small recipes until I stumbled across ‘the one’. Everything I used in this recipe was backed by science to work. My sister ended up loving it and some friends, before I knew it I had a brand and a small business!




Why is hair care for us surfer girls so important? 

Just like our skin, the sun can do some serious damage to our hair, they’re also cells right? UV sucks the moisture out of your hair and it’s 110% worse when it’s wet, as the water amplifies the damage. Salt water is also incredibly drying! Protecting our hair when we’re surfing is so important, both before AND after a surf if you want to maintain soft luscious locks…


How can we protect our hair from this damage/ what is your hair care routine?

I’ve been told that coconut oil before a surf is great (I’m yet to try this), don’t put this on your scalp though, it’s asking for sunburn. A nice thick oil that’ll stay on whilst being tumbled by waves serves as the greatest protection. We have a hair and body oil that can be used for this purpose.


Post surf is most important! Replenishing the hair after being in the salt and sun. Where possible, try to rinse your hair with fresh water, if not, no problem our Surf Spray is specifically designed for post surf nourishment - Salty hair and all.


My hair care routine is simple! After a surf - in goes the surf spray from mids to ends until I can get to a shower. I’ll also place our hair oil on my scalp to nourish a very dry and often overlooked part of the body. After the shower, sometimes I’ll but the surf spray in again for some extra hydration!




Tell us all about Salty Susan surf spray!

Ah yes, the best part! Our surf spray is literally the bees knees (they told us themselves). It’s packed with active ingredients that rehydrate the hair after a surf. Aloe Vera is rich in Vitamin A, B12, C and E, all of these play a part in healthy hair. Argan Oil increases elasticity, helping prevent further breakage, Argan Oil also has smaller molecules which means it can penetrate the hair more effectively. Chamomile Hydrosol to detangle and keep the hair frizz free! There’s also some other goodies in there but you get the point.


Oh, she’s also made from organic ingredients, is 100% recyclable and is deliciously handmade here in New Zealand.