We chat to Sports Nutritionist Marlies about all things Surf & Nutrition!

We chat to Sports Nutritionist Marlies about all things Surf & Nutrition!

Here at Gemma Lee we’re all about fueling our bodies with the yummiest and nutrient dense foods to keep our bodies bursting with energy to take us from the  surf to work, and well back to the surf;). We love learning all things nutrition to assist with getting the most out of our lifestyle, so we chatted to our local sport nutritionist all things about pre and post surf meals. 

Meet the gorgeous Marlies!




Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to becoming a sport nutritionist…

My name is Marlies Elliott, I’m originally from the Netherlands but moved to NZ in  2007 and live here with my family in Wellington. I was a competitive windsurfer growing up and also loved Tae Kwondo where I represented NZ in 2008. 


In Holland I studied to become a PE teacher and after our move to NZ I picked up Personal Training. After dealing with my own health issues,  I realized that nutrition could not go without a healthy active lifestyle and decided that was what I wanted to become, a ‘functional Nutritionist’. I studied this in Brisbane and worked  2 years for another nutritionist.


In 2021 after Covid I decided to start my own business. So I’ve been a functional Nutritionist now for 4/5 years.I see a lot of Athletes but also work with a lot of people with more serious issues like Autoimmunity. 




What is the best type of meal to have pre-surf and why?

The best type of meal to have presurf would be something more protein based, but also something that’s not too heavy and hard to digest. This is because you want to feel energized and light on your board. Too much or heavy food costs too much energy to digest.

 For example: Vegetable omelette and avocado - smoothies with a protein powder in it or a collagen - protein pancakes made out of oat or almond meal. Topped with banana and berries. 


What types of foods should we be avoiding before our surfs? 

Processed foods like pies or fried foods, foods too heavy in meat, too much gluten. All these foods can be inflammatory for your body and can make you feel tired. They will not contribute to you performing your best or support your recovery afterwards. 


What is the best type of meal to have post- surf and why? 

Post surf I would have something light again. Just because your body is recovering from the surf, you want that process to be easy for your body. You also want to fill up your energy stores quickly, so carbohydrates are a must and make sure you give your body the building blocks to recover as well through proteins. 

Something nutritious like bliss balls with proteins and good fats like nuts and carbohydrates like dates. A meaty snack like dried meat (biltong) is great too. A home made muesli bar with nuts/seeds and dates would be amazing as well. I have lots of examples of this on my Instagram ‘Gutsynz’. Also a hearty gf based muffin could be hitting the right spot after a surf.



What are your top 3 tips for nutrition for looking after our active bodies

  1. Try to eat a complete meal with proteins- good fats and healthy carbs. This way your body gets all the nutrients it needs and you won’t feel hungry too quickly after. An overload of food on our bodies inflames you, this is why many small meals are not good for your digestion. And as active people we want inflammation down so we can have more energy! 
  2. Make sure you drink quality (filtered without chlorine and Fluoride) water right from the very start when you wake up and the right amount for your weight every day. This will give you the energy you need especially when you’re active. Weight: 30 = amount of Liters every day. So 60 kg :30 = 2 litres a day 
  3.  Enjoy your food and eat it when you are relaxed. Chew as many times as you can.  Don’t stress about food but stick to Whole Foods and you can’t go wrong. Always quality over quantity! 


If people want and need any more information or want to get in touch with me they can via www.gutsy.NZ or marlies@gutsy.NZ 

My Instagram account is ‘Gutsynz’ where they can follow all my posts including many recipes and health tips.