It's time to dream again ✨

It's time to dream again ✨

Hey Beautiful!

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve heard from me!  Where have I been, you ask? They say a concussion changes you, and although my story (Read my story here) is nothing dramatic, it was true for me that it was a journey of finding myself again. I’d find glimpses of my old self, full of energy and confidence, the world was my oyster, then followed by brain exhaustion leading to self-doubt, anxiety and being overwhelmed. As you can imagine, it frustrated the heck out of me. Where was the old me?

They say life is a journey, but like most, sometimes I’d rather skip the process and dive into the good parts, especially when it's a challenging one! But alas, that is not how life works! The brain is a powerful mechanism to help either chase after your dreams or settle for the status quo and be far from where you want to be. And unfortunately dealing with post concussion syndrome, for a moment I had started to fall into the latter, slowly but surely drifting away from my dreams. 

The beautiful part about life? Your dreams will always be there waiting for you when you’re ready to chase them again! It took months of reflecting, journaling and refilling my cup with self care and affirmations to be ready to fully dream again. You have no idea how excited I am- part 2 & 3 to come! And the best part? You can pick up those dreams again too!


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 If you could do anything in the world, with no constraints at all, what would you do, where would you be, how would you feel?


What would your dream day look like, what would you do more of, and what would you do less of?


My love, it’s time to dream again ❤️


Gemma Lee xx