The Deep Blue 3/2mm


The Deep Blue wetsuit brings the technology of Geoprene with its distinctive high micro cell structure giving the wetsuit superior advantages. The cell structure allows the suits to retain heat more efficiently for a longer period of time, and reduces water absorption making the suit always light and feeling like a second skin . The geoprene’s high flex advantages, along with the Gemma Lee cut means a superior flexibility and stretch, giving incredible movement while swimming, diving or surfing. The combination of the Geoprene technology and Gemma Lee patterning makes it the perfect recipe for a roasty toasty playground goer 💦


  • Limited Edition, Eco-conscious suit
  • Limestone based neoprene / Geoprene
  • Nylon lining made from recycled PET bottles
  • Flatlocked stitched seams
  • Back zip for easy entry
  • Knee pads for durability
  • Hand crafted in Australia
$579.00 NZD

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