Gemma Lee Land- Why we re-branded

Gemma Lee Land- Why we re-branded

As I write this I'm 16,000 ft in the air, dreaming amongst the clouds, on my way home from the most beautiful sunshiny weekend away. 


We're ready for the next chapter of Gemma Lee and to do this we needed to dive a little deeper to make way for our dreams. What started off as just a brand that makes ethical & eco-conscious suits, has now grown into so much more than that. We have become a community of beautiful water women who are passionate about all things salty. We clothe ourselves in suits that empower us and fill us with confidence as we dive the depths of the oceans and dance across the glistening waves. 


Our brand demanded a logo as bold and playful as we are. We say 'we', because we are not just a small team that creates beautiful suits behind the scenes, but we are a community that includes every Gemma Lee follower & customer from all corners of the world. It is because of you, that we exist. Our new logo embodies the true essence of who we are. We are bold, playful, adventurous &  live in the wanderlust of ocean days. 

You may have also noticed that our social media handles & website domain have changed. Welcome to our la la land, Gemma Lee Land. When you enter our website or pages we welcome you into the land of Gemma Lee. As we dreamt up this concept, we dreamt Gemma Lee Land was this beautiful island which was comprised of all that we are. A paradise land full of lush palm trees, waterfalls amongst the most magnificent mountains and the most magical waters. A land that is joyful, playful and a wee bit fun! It's full of the most strong, empowering beautiful women- we even had visions of Wonder Woman's home land. We are a community that nourishes the planet and cares for its people. This we call a slice of Gemma Lee Land.

We are so excited for this next chapter and are so stoked to share our next collection with you later this year. 


Meanwhile we have a little surprise for you guys! We have designed New Zealand made tees & tanks with a gorgeous boxy silhouette with the most divine drape on your body, paired with our new beautiful Gemma Lee logo. Ohhh and of course we bring the most punchy fresh colours. They're an absolute staple and will soon be your favourite go to tee & tank x


We hope you love all the Gemma Lee is and is becoming!


Much love,