An update from Gemma Lee: Healing, Resting, Dreaming...

An update from Gemma Lee: Healing, Resting, Dreaming...

Hello lovely Salt Sisters!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, and that’s because like many of us during winter, I’ve been hibernating dreaming of the coming summer! Because winter blues are most definitely a thing, and it hit me hard! But I can finally feel the warmth starting to come back in the sunshine, and I am so excited for what is up ahead!

So here’s a little update from me!

After a busy summer on the Gemma Lee front, and struggling to balance work life with recovering from my concussion- which you may remember was from a surfing accident, I could finally slow down and give my body the rest it needed. It was a beautiful time of giving my body grace and space to rest and heal, with no expectations of what it needed to achieve. But that wasn’t without many moments of frustration, such as ‘why isn’t my body healed already’, and ‘why is it taking so long?’. It was a process of becoming so attuned to my body and creating a routine that would allow me to start getting back on my feet feeling the epitome of health again! And sure in time, I started to finally feel my headaches decrease in frequency, I started to find more energy to achieve more with my day, and I finally had that stamina to go for that surf!  All I can say is that our bodies truly are amazing machines, and if we give it the love and attention it’s screaming out for, it will in return beautifully restore itself in time. 


womens wetsuit surfing new zealand


During this season of slowing down, it opened a lot of space for reflection and planning for an epic Gemma Lee summer 22/23. So what will our summer look like this year?

This summer we won’t be coming out with any new collections, which is a result of being so ill from my concussion last summer (as of course you have to design and order well in advance), so we have our gorgeous best selling collection Sandy Cheeks restocked for the summer, and our groovy Summer Disco collection. We are so excited to see these suits travel the world this summer!

We are also working away on some epic partnerships, which we are very excited about! One thing we would love to build this season are partnerships with all the amazing women’s surf and swim groups. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you! 

Of course, again this summer we will be hitting the road on some rad surfing trips with the crew and camping our way around the most stunning beaches of NZ. Always come say hi, if you see us!!

Last summer we had an epic line up of Gemma Lee community events with the ladies! Which as you know is one of our favourite parts of the summer! This is still very much a work in progress as we decide if we want to add some different types of events into the mix this year! So if you have an absolute golden idea that you would love to see, anything from virtual events to in person, get in touch! 

And lastly! We just plan to have one epic summer, filled with sunrise surfs, yarns around the campfire and falling asleep under a thousand stars! 

Thanks again for doing life with us x

Much love,

Gemma x